Unlimited Maximum Speed WiFi internet Offer up to 50MB Was 38€/month

Now only 14,90€/month  

Movistar guarantee they will provide you with the best internet speed currently available, if 50MB Fibre Optic service is not currently available then the maximum Adsl landline speed will be 20MB with Free Fibre Upgrade included when available.

The application and service activation process normally takes between 2 to 5 days, but unfortunately, an appointment time cannot be made in advance, please apply online at least 2 days before you require the service.

The engineer will call your Spanish mobile contact number you give us and will then determine the service available at your location when he visits your property


Just give any Spanish mobile contact number for yourself or your appointed agent/ key holder in Spain for the telecom engineer to call prior to visiting your property.
They are unable to call foreign contact numbers but the mobile number can be that of a friend, a neighbour, an estate agent etc. in Spain who will pass the telecom engineer´s message to you

You will also need to give a Passport number as your Movistar ID and you will need to give a 20 digit Spanish bank account number for the Movistar direct debits

Please Order by completing the simple secure application form online   


Terms: Actual Internet Speed: If you have fiber coverage in your home, Movistar will install Fiber Optic 50Mb.
If there is no current Fibre Optic coverage you will enjoy ADSL at maximum speed (up to 20Mb).
Normal Max. Speed Internet Price: 38 € / month. Offer Price 14,90 € / month One-off Service Fee 59, Line fee not included €17.40 / month. (No Handset supplied) Subject to service cover.
Offer Includes 500 minutes / month to national mobiles on Saturdays and Sundays and 50 minutes / month from Monday to Sunday.
The installation fee is € 157.3, which will be free with the commitment to maintain the Optical Fiber 12 months (penalty for early termination: max € 100).
The Symmetrical Fiber service (50 Mb of download and 50 Mb of upload), of optional contracting for the Client, has a fee of 5 € / month more.
All prices include VAT (In the Peninsula and Balearic Islands the VAT is applied 21%, Ceuta IPSI 10%, Melilla IPSI 4% and Canary Island IGIC 7%).